Cultural Publications

Green Sprigs from the Emerald Isle

Paddy and Bridget Stories in 18th Century Connecticut Newspapers. Collected and edited by Neil Hogan ... [ more ]

The Wearing of the Green

New Haven's Saint Patrick's Day Parade 1842-1992. By Neil Hogan - For 150 years, New Haven, Connecticut, has truly been a new haven for emigrants. Its first refugees were its Puritan founders who sought to build a godly city and a thriving seaport around the beautiful harbor at Quinnipiac, as the Native Americans called the place. [ more ]

50 Years A- Bloomin'

New Haven Gaelic Players 1968 – 2018. By Neil Hogan. - Charlie and Margaret Starrs brought this great tradition to New Haven, Connecticut, where it has flourished for 50 years. This book tells not only Charlie and Margaret's story but the story of the many people who have contributed their time and talent, both on stage and off, for all these years ... [ more ]

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