50 Years A- Bloomin'

19th century Ireland was a time of terrible deprivation, imposed by our British overlords. This story is told in detail in other publications, such as The Cry of the Famishing.

Toward the end of the 19th century, the Irish fought back valiantly, not only to regain their land and their dignity but also their culture. This culture included not only the Irish language, Irish sports, Irish history, and Irish literature, but also Irish drama. The latter found its way not only to big theaters like the Abbey Theatre in Dublin but also to small town halls where amateur groups brought the work of many dramatists to their rural communities.

Two people from Omagh, County Tyrone, Charlie and Margaret Starrs, brought this great tradition to New Haven, Connecticut, where it has flourished for 50 years. This book tells not only Charlie and Margaret's story but the story of the many people who have contributed their time and talent, both on stage and off, for all these years.

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