Cry of the Famishing

Ireland, Connecticut and the Potato Famine - by Neil Hogan.

"We have heard the cry of the famishing; our ears have caught the distant wailing of the once blight and mirthful land; and we have even encountered in the streets of our own cities, the gaunt, haggard forms of men, women and children who fled from the jaws of the Great Hunger at home to die of fever in a foreign alms-house."

With these anguished words, the New Englander, a periodical published in New Haven, Connecticut, summarized in an article in the April 1848 both the tragedy of the Great Hunger in Ireland and the impact of that tragedy was having across the Atlantic Ocean in places like Connecticut.

This is a comprehensive but easily read history of the consequences of draconian English rule on the Island of Ireland. Starvation and immigration cut the population in Ireland by half, but it could not extinguish the spirit of the Irish, which eventually led to the formation of the Irish Republic in 1922.

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