Connecticut's Irish in the Civil War

The Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society has published this 325 page book by noted local historian, Neil Hogan, complete with stories & pictures of the state's Irish from Bleeding Kansas to Fort Sumter, Vicksburg to Gettysburg, Andersonville to Appomattox.

This book is dedicated to the memory of the Connecticut Irish men who served in the American Civil War out of a sense of loyalty to their adopted homeland and to the wives, parents and children who shared their sacrifices. Irish Americans constituted about 15% of Connecticut's 400,000 people at the time of the Civil War.

Like their fellow citizens, those of Irish background debated the issues of war and peace, slavery and emancipation, military service and exemption, from their perspective as an ethnic minority. They took part as much as their limited clout enabled them, in the political decision-making. They enlisted in substantial numbers in almost every Connecticut Regiment and some even served in regimens from other states.

Some Connecticut Irish turn up in almost every battle and firefight of the Civil War from Missouri to New Mexico to West Virginia. They did duty on Navy vessels on rivers and the high seas and a few men with Connecticut backgrounds made their marks in the armies of the Confederate states in addition to many Union state militias.

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