Great Hunger Museum in Hamden Needs Our Help!

January 2, 2020 - During 1845-1852, a million of our ancestors died and another million fled to America as a result of the famine in Ireland. In the year 2000, Quinnipiac University in Hamden initiated a Great Hunger Museum, the only such institution in the United States devoted entirely to the commemoration of that tragedy.

The museum exhibits sculptures and paintings of the famine. In addition, Quinnipiac and the museum sponsor classes, lectures and conferences to keep alive the memories of that famine. And, for family genealogists, the museum has an online data base of more than 1,500 articles and illustrations from newspapers in the famine era.

Today, Ireland's Great Hunger Museum is facing a crisis. Quinnipiac has decided that the museum must become financially independent by 2020 or it will be closed. Many Connecticut Irish clubs and groups are organizing fund-raising campaigns to ensure that this Irish institution will survive. We all can help by becoming dues-paying members of the museum.

We hope that many CTIAHS members will elect to become members, not only to help this important Irish museum in its hour of need, but also to commemorate the sacrifices of our ancestors.

To become a member please visit the Support Page of the Great Hunger Museum website.

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