Winchester Repeating Arms Company Factory

275 Winchester Avenue • New Haven, CT • New Haven County

Historical Significance

Winchester Repeating Arms was one of the largest and most important American firearm manufacturers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It originated in New Haven, moved briefly to Bridgeport and returned to New Haven to establish itself in this location in 1870.

Photo: View west showing south elevation on Munson Street. (Tod Bryant)

Photo: View east showing north elevation and fa├žade. (Tod Bryant)

Figure: View northwest of Winchester planet c.1920.

Figure: Architectural rendering of Winchester Lofts, view east.

The company grew rapidly and it employed over 600 workers in 1887 and about 1,000 workers by 1900. Many of them were Irish and they lived nearby in the residential neighborhoods that sprang up around the plant.

Most of the buildings on the west side of Winchester Avenue, now Science Park, have been demolished and new industrial and commercial buildings have taken their place. Most of the buildings on the east side of Science Park have been converted into apartments.


Loether, John Paul and John Herzan. Winchester Repeating Arms Company Historic District. Nation Register of Historic Places nomination. 1987.

Notable Features of Building or Site

Most of the remaining original buildings on the site are three- or four-story buildings in an Italianate-influenced style that was common for factory buildings of the era. The largest existing building is the 273,000 s.f., five-story building on Munson Street.

Interrelationship of Building and Surroundings

The factory complex is in the midst of a dense urban neighborhood of mostly two and three story wood frame houses that date from the same era as the factory buildings.

Additional Information

Common Name:  Science Park
Date(s):  Built between 1883-1965
Style(s):  Industrial
Historic Use:  Manufacturing
Present Use:  Multi-family residential
Architect:  Leoni Robinson and others

Exterior visible from public road.

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